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The Shaw Chiropractic Group practice is a patient centered, evidence based practice. Our primary concern is the optimal recovery of our patients from the traumatic injuries they have sustained. Our practice focus is on the diagnosis, management, rehabilitation and documentation of injuries that are the result of physical trauma. As a result, the great majority of our patients have suffered injuries secondary to motor vehicle collisions,  work injuries or slip and falls.

Many of our patients also have ongoing legal matters that require special attention beyond their evaluation and rehabilitation needs. In cases involving potential litigation, it is imperative that the attending physician document every aspect of the patient care thoroughly. The chiropractic physicians  at the Shaw Chiropractic Group understand the clinical and documentation needs of their patients and are recognized in the general and legal communities as exceptional physicians that document extensively and can communicate a patient’s injuries effectively to all involved parties including insurance adjusters, attorneys, judges and juries.

Of course, what is most important is patient care and the patient’s understanding of their injuries so that they can participate in their recovery and receive the optimal benefit from their treatments. With this in mind, every patient is treated as an individual and with the respect we would want our own family members to receive. We welcome the opportunity to be your chiropractor.

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