At the Shaw Chiropractic Group we are proud to work cooperatively with many individual lawyers and large law firms. We are respected in both the medical and legal worlds as chiropractic specialists who are competent, objective, reliable and reasonable. It is specifically because of our reputation that we are called upon to provide expert opinions and treatment for attorneys with both plaintiff and defense concerns.

Plaintiff attorneys know that when their clients use the chiropractic physicians at Shaw Chiropractic they will receive excellent quality care. Patients are treated using a multidisciplinary approach. Therefore, they know that their clients will be properly diagnosed and treated with the quality they would want for a family member.

Defense attorneys use our services for claims review, malpractice assessment, biomechanical determinations, file review, independent medical exams and other consultative services. Like the plaintiff attorneys, they recognize that objective opinions which are not influenced by the person paying the bill are of greatest value

The chiropractic physicians at Shaw Chiropractic are determined to remain at the pinnacle of their profession. This is why all the physicians are required to attend post graduate training leading towards chiropractic specialty board certification in orthopedics, neurology, rehabilitation, radiology or occupational health. The team is led by Dr. Shaw who is a board certified chiropractic orthopedist and who oversees the care of our patients.

Our dedication and commitment to provide excellence in healthcare is manifest in every aspect of the office. Our staff are friendly and competent. The doctors recognize their role as both physicians and communicators of fact. The offices are computer linked in real time for instant record access. Our diagnostic facility is on site and we have advanced diagnostics including x-ray, electromyography, nerve conduction, evoked potentials, fluoroscopy, computerized muscle testing, digital x-ray analysis, inclinometry and more for the patient health and documentation needs.

Defense and plaintiff attorneys will find this site a valuable source of information. It will also be a hub from which you can reach all your desired internet resources.

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