Injury patients

Patients involved in traumatic injuries have special needs. Since traumatic injuries often involve high velocity and violent movements which have the potential to injure bones, muscles, ligaments, nerve and organ structures your doctor needs to be prepared to triage and direct your care. The doctor needs to be capable of making decisions regarding emergent care and medical specialty referral. The Shaw Chiropractic physicians acknowledge their specialized area of expertise and are trained to recognize the need for immediate medical referrals when conditions present which may be life threatening or beyond their scope of expertise.

In addition to the physician management issues, your treating doctor needs to be aware of the medical-legal concerns of a traumatically injured patient. What does that mean? Generally, that the doctor in charge of your health care recognizes that at some time in the future he may be called upon to offer an opinion regarding your injuries. Specifically, it means that the doctor documents every aspect of your management so that when asked by insurance adjusters, lawyers, jurors and judges to offer an opinion, the opinions are supported by notes, reports, specialty opinions and imaging procedures. It also means that they are ready, willing and able to effectively communicate the facts so that your health management history is accurately and fairly represented to the interested parties. You may believe that all doctors are prepared for this aspect of injury management. The fact is that most doctors DO NOT want to participate because it requires greater work, responsibility and accountability. At Shaw Chiropractic we welcome the challenge. We enjoy the inter-professional communication and the opportunity to demonstrate our ability to communicate with people from a wide range of backgrounds.

The Shaw Chiropractic physicians have the training and experience necessary to provide you care throughout the different phases of management. Beginning with an acute pain management program through the development of a personalized rehabilitation program we are prepared to assist you improve the quality of your life.

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